Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ficelle, Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur - French Bakery

This is a very interesting place. A French themed bakery in the middle of crappy Taman Danau Desa. Nicely decorated corner lot place with tables outside under the cool shade of some old trees that have not been cut down yet. A bit of class in a somehow middle class Ah Beng suburb.
Was here for a quick lunch and I was surprised that they actually served Japanese Curry Rice here. ( I reckon they are like those French themed restaurants in Japan, where they try really hard to emulate the French in everything they do.) Ordered the Japanese Curry Karaage Rice (Chicken) and mushroom soup. Not cheap. The rice is like RM 12.90. It better be good.

The mushroom soup here is actually pretty good. Although the serving's a bit too small, the soup has a variety of mushrooms in it. Tastes a lot like a creamy wild mushroom soup. Sprinkled with some minced parsley on top and a little pepper, this soup is tummy warming and delicious. There must be at least four types of mushrooms in it. Button mushrooms, a Porcini looking one, white mushrooms and brown ones.
Points - 2

The Japanese curry rice came and Boy! was I disappointed. It is really small. There were only 4 pieces of chicken "nuggets". Come on, it's 12 bucks. Fill me up ok! Points taken away.
They used pretty good quality rice for this and it was cooked right. Not too hard and not too soft. The curry on the other hand was very very normal. It tasted like the ones you get at any Japanese convenient store. Those packed curry - cooked in 5 minutes mini boxes. The limited fried chicken nuggets were not too bad but then the curry was nothing to shout about. Typical Japanese curry which is never spicy, more on the sweet side with a little curry spices in the mix. 

Points - 0.5 for the rice

Will I come back again? I might. Just to try the rest of the stuff they have and maybe to look cool sitting here, having a mocha and playing my ipad.

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Anonymous said...

"Crappy" Taman Danau Desa? Do you even KNOW this suburb? It is a very upmarket, expat filled area. Ah bengs are everywhere but they do not predominate this area. You'd be lucky if you lived here.