Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bumbu Bali, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor

Out in the jungles of dodgy Puchong is Bumbu Bali, a Balinese themed restaurant that serves Balinese food plus a mixture of some western dishes too. i.e. Fish and Chips. Anyway, it first opened here years ago and business has been good, looks like the "bengs" here do enjoy something else other than economy rice and pan mee. (Bumbu Bali has since also opened up in Solaris Dutamas)
I've always liked this place. Decor is typically Balinese with teak furniture and nice seats. Comfy! Ambience is cosy and warm which makes it stand out in this "Chinese" suburb.  FYI, they sell merchandise too. Bali stuff - wood carvings, statues and eery looking stuff.
Let's get back to food here. Today, I just had to try their Siap Bumbu. Fried Balinese style chicken, rice and salad. RM30. The price seems steep but the serving makes up for it. It is pretty huge.

Nice presentation, food served on a banana leaf and in this wooden tray. (I wonder if the Balinese actually eat like this.) 

Check out the big piece of fried chicken. Perfectly done, juicy and pretty crispy on the outside. Served with the chilli belacan, YUMMY!

Crackers served together but this one..sigh! not much taste. No prawn taste or any other taste except for flour!

Now this little serving of "salad" is good. Very refreshing, crunchy and the taste. It is the simple dishes like this that makes a difference in everyday food. Appetizing and yes the vegetables are fresh.

Bumbu Bali is a pretty nice place to have dinner or lunch if you have the budget to spend RM30 for lunch. Although the servings pretty big but I reckon the price is still pretty steep for normal Balinese fare that does not include very expensive ingredients. 

Will I come come back? Yeah, maybe once every 6 months, LOL! Oh before I forget, the barley lime here is a must try. Extremely good especially on a hot day. Not too sweet and no overkill by too much of the slimy barley. Thumbs up!

Points - 2.5 - Nice place, pretty good food but the price...expensive.

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